Ren and Stimpy adopt an gigantic seven-year-old convict names Kowalski. Stimpy is kind and understanding towards the needy "youngster", but Ren has a bit more trouble adjusting to parenthood.


- 8-PG-270 Blush Rose – Philip Green [Capitol Records] – Emil Cadkin, William George Loose, and Jack Cookerly (title card)

- ? (opening)

- Drama Link (b) – Hubert Clifford

- Love Story Theme – Laurie Johnson

- There’s No Place Like Home

- Symphony No. 94 (Surprise Symphony) – Franz Joseph Haydn

- Tension Tag #1 – Dan Kirsten

- Fates - Gregor F. Narholz

- Smokin’ - ?

- Terror By Night – Hubert Clifford

- Lambs in Clover – Jack Strachey

- Rock-a-Bye Baby - Traditional

- Shock Horror (a) – Dick Walter

- Rescue – Cecil Milner

- Holiday Playtime – Cedric Palmer

- Poetic Love Theme B

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