Mario, Sonic, the Eds, and Friends See A Day in the Park with Barney is an upcoming episode of the show.

Plot SummaryEdit


List of CharactersEdit


  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Yoshi
  4. Sonic
  5. Robotnik
  6. Scratch
  7. Grounder
  8. Ed
  9. Edd
  10. Eddy
  11. Crash Bandicoot
  12. Heavy
  13. Scout
  14. Engineer
  15. Sniper
  16. Soldier
  17. Medic
  18. Demoman
  19. Soldier

Guest Stars Cameo:Edit



Scout: Uh, no.

Scout: No!

Scout: No Way!


Clips UsedEdit

Super Mario World/The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 EpisodesEdit

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog EpisodesEdit

Ed, Edd n Eddy EpisodesEdit

Other SourcesEdit

  • Crash Tag Team Racing
  • Crash of the Titans
  • Team Fortress 2


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