Mario, the Eds, and Friends Ride Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is an episode of the show.

Plot SummaryEdit

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, the Eds, Crash B. and Heavy go for a ride on Universal Singapore's new Sesame Street ride.  A vast majority of group members have refused to go on the ride, describing it as "too kiddy and childish" despite not knowing about most of its followings from Adults and Children alike.

List of CharactersEdit


  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Yoshi
  4. Ed
  5. Edd
  6. Eddy (by force)
  7. Crash Bandicoot
  8. Heavy

Not Riding:Edit

  1. Sonic
  2. Dr. Robotnik
  3. Scratch
  4. Grounder
  5. Scout
  6. Engineer
  7. Spy
  8. Demoman
  9. Soldier
  10. Sniper
  11. Medic


Exterior & QueueEdit

EDD: Shall we?



SCRATCH: No! Not that!



SCOUT: No way!



MEDIC: Nein!

SOLDIER: Negatory!

SPY: No.

[All the group members who refused to ride walk off.]

HEAVY: I am coming!

EDDY: No way!

CRASH B. [to Eddy]: [encouraging gibberish]

EDDY: I said no! [hits Crash]

EDD [upon witnessing what Eddy just did]: Let's go, Eddy!

EDDY: [agitated groaning upon being forced to go on the ride]

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: ...are having their spaghetti sucked up into...

[chickens play dramatic music sting on trumpets]

CRASH B.: Hmm...

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: ...outer space!

ELMO: It's true! It's true! Elmo's friend Rosita lost her...

HEAVY: It is good day to be giant man!

ELMO: And Elmo's friend Abby lost her...

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ELMO: And Elmo's old buddy Cookie Monster lost his cookie cabernini!

ED: Why don't you bake cupcakes?

EDD: Cupcakes?

EDDY: Nope. No cupcakes.

ED: Awww...

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: Let's go live now to their reaction.

[Rosita, Abby, and Cookie Monster scream.]

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: A desperate... cries for help. But who, I say who can save the spaghetti from...

[chickens play another dramatic music sting from above, only to fall down to the ground.]

MARIO: [laughing]

EDDY: Oh, brother...

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: ...outer space?

ELMO: Oh! Elmo knows who to call!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: Ooh, you do? Is it Papa's Famous Pasta? If so, order me some linguini and clams!

HEAVY: I'd kill many cowards for that!

ELMO: Oh, Elmo's not calling for take-out. Elmo's calling for a hero.

MARIO: Hey, maybe we'll see you on PBS!

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: It appears to be a giant "G", but who is Elmo calling?

CRASH B.: [confused gibberish]

HEAVY: Not usually my job, but... heh, heh, heh...

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: A graceful giraffe? A giant gibben? A goofy grape? 

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ANDERSON CUCUMBER: Stay tuned to Sesame Street News Network to find out!


HEAVY: It's team time! [singing]

EDDY: Hey, is thing ready yet?

EDD: Well, actually, Eddy, since it's just a prototype and still in need of--

[Eddy ignores Edd and gets in.]

EDD: Eddy!

EDDY: There's only one seat in this thing. Why'd you just put in one seat, Double-D?

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ED: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

EDD: Well, I told you, this is the prototype. When this is properly tested, then I'll build the real one.

HEAVY: [singing] Come on!

EDDY: Yeah, whatever. Let's go, Double-D, liftoff!

EDD: But, Eddy, I still need to--

EDDY: Double-D, liftoff!

ELMO: All right, super sidekicks! Let's go to space and bring back that spaghetti!

LUIGI: Well, then, we'd better go now before I get scared just thinking about it!

CRASH B.: Shakabah!

OSCAR THE GROUCH: You call THAT a spaceship? Ha!

ANDERSON CUCUMER: This just in: the heroes are making their way down Sesame Street!

ZOE: Good luck, everybody!

HEAVY: Run, cowards!

TELLY: Lookin' good!

BIG BIRD: You can do it!

CRASH B.: [happy gibberish]

COUNT: That's four seconds to countdown! Ah! Ah! Ah!

BERT: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Ernie!

ERNIE: Hang on, Bert!

EDDY: Let's go, Double-D. Liftoff!

EDD: But Eddy, I told you, this is the prototype. When this is prop--


EDD: [sigh] Fine, but you, uh, better wear this.


GROVER: Off to outer space!

HEAVY: I have new weapon!

MARIO: Hold on, little buddy!

EDD: Three... two... one... ignition!

HEAVY: Put teleport here!





CRASH B.: [excited gibberish] 

HEAVY: Was good trip!

ELMO: We made it!

CRASH B.: Cool!

HEAVY: Coward! Get on point!

GROVER: Who put a satellite here? Whoa!

YOSHI: [laughing]

HEAVY: Ha ha!

EDDY: Boring!

LUIGI: Yeah, well, I didn't think it was so funny.

HEAVY: Sentry ahead!

ELMO: Oh, hey! Come on! Let's follow that spaghetti!

EDDY: I got a cramp listening to you.

HEAVY: Sandwich and I are coming for you!

YOSHI: Oh, Yoshi hungry!

GROVER: Have no fear! I have everything under control!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ELMO: Holy... meatballs!

YOSHI: Yoshi no like meatballs!

ELMO: Macaroni's got Super Grover in his tractor beam!

HEAVY: I see spy!

ED: The evil-doer has arrived!

MARIO: Leapin' lasagna!

LUIGI: Uh-oh.

MACARONI: And I've got you, too! Macaroni's plan is coming to a boil! Hee, hee, hee!

MARIO: That's what you think, cheapskate!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

HEAVY: What's the matter with you?!

CRASH B.: [screaming]

LUIGI: Hold on, Yoshi-saur!

CRASH B.: [panicking]

EDDY: I'm a minor! Stop!

EDD: [screaming]

LUIGI: Yeee-nooo! No, no, no!

HEAVY: Oh, this is bad!

MARIO: Quick, Yoshi, or we may never get out of here!

HEAVY: Help now!

ELMO: Oh, no! Elmo wishes he had some help!

ABBY CADABBY: Help is on the way!

EDDY: Where'd you come from?

HEAVY: Thank you!

CRASH B.: Ha ha!

ELMO: Thanks, Abby! We're free!

HEAVY: I was told we would be fighting men!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ELMO: Macaroni's lair! Oh, keep quiet, everybody. We don't want to set off any--



LUIGI: Waa-haa!

EDD: Oh, my!

LUIGI: Uh oh!


EDDY: Ed, you dolt!

CRASH B.: Awww...

YOSHI: Mama Luigi! Mama Luigi!

LUIGI: Was it something I said?

MACARONI: Intruders!

ED: I see him, Eddy!

LUIGI: Look!

GROVER: Don't worry! I have them right where we want them!

HEAVY: Did you think I would forget you?

LUIGI: Hang on! We're out of here!

MACARONI: Seize them!

ABBY CADABBY: Not if we can help it!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ELMO: Oh, hoo-hoo! Elmo's Sesame Street friends!

ED: Prepare to be terminated, solar scum!

EDDY: Ed, your story's getting weird!

BIG BIRD: Let's twirl that pasta back to Earth!

SNUFFY: Yay, Bird!

HEAVY: Yes, I like this new weapon!

MARIO: You've got some explaining to do!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

GAY LUIGI [cameo]: Lotsa spaghetti!

COUNT: So many heroes!

HEAVY: Do you remember me now?


GROVER: Your cute and furry hero has saved the day!

CRASH B.: [gibberish]

ELMO: With a little super help!


ABBY CADABBY: Time to go back home! Ha ha!

EDDY: Hey, Double-D, the rocket needs work!

EDD: It's a prototype!

HEAVY: Thanks for ride!

ELMO: And now, it's time for lunch!

MARIO: Hey, let's be pals.

MACARONI [having undergone a Heel Face Turn]: Who wants meatballs?

CRASH B.: Pancakes!

GAY LUIGI [cameo]: Lotsa spaghetti!

Clips UsedEdit

Super Mario Bros. 3 / Super Mario World ClipsEdit

  • "Mama Luigi"
  • "Rock TV"
  • "The Night Before Cave Christmas"
  • "Gopher Bash"

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog ClipsEdit

  • "Lovesick Sonic"
  • "Robotnikland"
  • "Coachnik"

Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy ClipsEdit

  • "Out with the Old, In with the Ed"
  • "Sir Ed-a-Lot"
  • "Dueling Eds"
  • "O-Ed-Eleven"
  • "Dawn of the Eds"
  • "Robbin' Ed"
  • "Take This Ed and Shove It"
  • "Once Upon an Ed"
  • "Wish You Were Ed"
  • "For the Ed, By the Ed"
  • "Homecooked Eds"

Other SourcesEdit

  • Team Fortress 2 Quotes
  • Crash Tag Team Racing
  • Crash of the Titans
  • Hotel Mario


  • The ascent into space is achieved through a combination of strobe lights, rotating light effects, fog effects, and a giant projection screen.  The projection screen then "disappears" into a field of stars.  When the vehicle rounds the corner, the screen resets for the next group of riders.

Voice CastEdit


  • Kevin Clash as Elmo
  • Eric Jacobson as Super Grover 2.0 / Bert
  • Joey Mazzarino as Macaroni the Merciless / Murray Monster / Narf
  • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph as Abby Cadabby / "Super Space Helper"
  • Steve Whitmire as Ernie
  • Carroll Spinney as Big Bird / Oscar the Grouch
  • Jerry Nelson as Count Von Count / SSNN Announcer [final roles before death]
  • Martin P. Robinson as Telly / Snuffy / Octopus / Yip-Yip Martian
  • David Rudman as Cookie Monster / Baby Bear
  • Matt Vogel as Anderson Cucumber / Yip-Yip Martian / Tiger
  • Fran Brill as Zoe
  • Carmen Osbahr as Rosita


  • Andrew Sabistion as Yoshi
  • Matt Hill as Ed
  • Samuel Vincent as Edd
  • Tony Sampson as Eddy
  • Jess Harnell as Crash Bandicoot
  • Gary Schwartz as Heavy / Demoman
  • Nathan Vetterlein as Scout
  • Grant Goodeve as Engineer
  • Dennis Bateman as Spy
  • Rick May as Soldier
  • John Patrick Lowrie as Sniper
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Medic

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