Movie Night is an episode of Camp Lazlo.

CARTOON PLANET Airdate: August 16, 2013

Plot SummaryEdit

Edward is distraught to learn that he is too young to watch The Zombies from Scab Lagoon, a "big boy movie". To make matters worse, Slinkman informs him that he won't become a big boy until his birhtday the next day at 6:00 PM, so Lazlo is assigned to be his babysitter until then.

APM Music UsedEdit

  • "Baby Elephant"
  • "River Police" ("Lumpus, for not following the rules, no more milky-wilky for you, ever!")
  • "Lambs in Clover"
  • "Weird Bridge"
  • "Airs and Graces (A)"
  • "Two Old Timers" ("Surprise!" "Not yet, Clam.")
  • "House of Horror"
  • "Mists Of Illusion"
  • "Frankstein's Niece (A)"

Voice CastEdit

  • Carlos Alazraqui as Lazlo / Clam
  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Raj / Samson / Commander Hoo-Ha
  • Mr. Lawrence as Edward / Dave / Ping-Pong
  • Steve Little as Chip / Skip