No Beads, No Business is an episode of Camp Lazlo.

CARTOON PLANET Airdate: August 23, 2013

Plot Summary

Raj is chosen to run the camp store, but things get complicated when he hires Lazlo to help out with things.

APM Music Used

  • "Star Prizes (A)"
  • "Quiz Organ (A)"
  • "Tympdown A "
  • "Turkey Trot"
  • "Apalachian Banjo Duel"
  • "Editor's Falling Over (B)"
  • "Street Scene"
  • "Burglar Bill"
  • "Clown's Walk (A)"
  • "Hide And Seek"
  • "Chase Me Chester"

Voice Cast

  • Carlos Alaquarzi as Lazlo / Clam
  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Raj / Samson
  • Tom Kenny as Scoutmaster Lumpus / Slinkman
  • Mr. Lawrence as Edward / Dave / Ping-Pong
  • Steve Little as Chip / Skip