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The Team Fortress 2 Squad is a group of main characters featured on the show.


  • Voiced by: Gary Schwartz
  • Ethnicity: Russian


  • Voiced by: Nathan Vetterlein
  • Ethnicity: American

Scout is the resident Jerkass of the group, constantly making fun of or insulting the situation at hand. However, after meeting Zoey on Men in Black: Alien Attack, he has since become a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.


  • Voiced by: Grant Goodeve
  • Ethnicity: Canadian


  • Voiced by: Dennis Bateman
  • Ethnicity: French


  • Voiced by: Gary Schwartz
  • Ethnicity: Scottish

The Demoman is the versatible/naive Brown Skinned explosive creator of the team. He once saved his friends from the Unhuman Terrors of the Superstar Limo.


  • Voiced by: Rick May
  • Ethnicity: American


  • Voiced by: John Patrick Lowrie
  • Ethnicity: Australian


  • Voiced by: Robin Atkin Downes
  • Ethnicity: German

Pyro (Cameo Appearances only)Edit

  • Voiced by: Dennis Bateman
  • Ethnicity: Unknown

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