Lumpus cheese

The Big Cheese is an episode of Camp Lazlo.

CARTOON PLANET Airdate: April 27, 2012

Plot Summary

Scoutmaster Lumpus discovers that Raj has recieved an Indian cheese wheel in the mail and is determined to confiscate it away from him for his own hungry pleasures.  What Lumpus doesn't know, however, is that this particular cheese is deadly when consumed.

APM Music Used

  • "Clown In Town"
  • "What A Goof! (D)"
  • "Bossa Cubana"
  • "Dramatic Impact 2"
  • "Dramatic Cue (B)"
  • "Dramatic Cue (G)"
  • "Goodbye Rodney"

Voice Cast

  • Carlos Alaquarzi as Lazlo / Clam / Police Dog
  • Jeff Glen Bennett as Raj / Commander Hoo-Ha / Samson
  • Tom Kenny as Scoutmaster Lumpus / Slinkman
  • Mr. Lawrence as Edward / Dave / Ping Pong / Repo Man
  • Steve Little as Chip / Skip