The 3rd episode of The YTP Laffalympics

The Jaguar DerbyEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Medic

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Rikumaru

Selected Evil Force: Mumbo

The Small Pox Maze To The FinishEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: I.M. Weasel

Selected ToonTown Yahooies: Chowder

Selected Evil Force: Plankton

Nickel in The Woodcip Stack EventEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Eddy

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Bullwinkle J. Moose

Selected Evil Force: Bowser

Epic JuggernautingEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Demoman

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Homer Simpson

Selected Evil Force: Merasmus

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