Ripsaw Falls Boat RaceEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Dr. Robotnik

Selected ToonTown Yahooies: Flapjack and Gumball

Selected Evil Force: Bob

Intense Mackarel FishingEdit

Selected Pesky Plumbers: Luigi and Soldier

Selected ToonTown Yahooies: Daffy Duck and Bluey

Selected Evil Forces: Merasmus and Harry Slime

Grill or ChillEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Sonic and Edd

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Donkey Kong

Selected Evil Forces: Slash, Bash and The Noid

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – The 4-D ExperienceEdit

Selected Pesky Plumbers: Yoshi and Crash Bandicoot

Selected ToonTown Yahooie:

Selected Evil Force: