The 4th episode of the YTP Laffalympics

Pokemon Jousting CompetitionEdit

SelectedPesky Plumber: Yoshi

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Donkey Kong

Selected Evil Force: Coconuts and The Noid

Ping PongEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Crash Bandicoot

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Pikachu

Selected Evil Force: Iggy Koopa and Plankton

Kick TennaseEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Tails

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Earthworm Jim

Selected Evil Force: Le Quack

Shark RodeoEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Sniper

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Panty

Selected Evil Force: Buzz Buzzard

Surfing ContestEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Scratch

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Woody Woodpecker

Selected Evil Force: The Giant Chicken

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