The 5th Episode of the YTP Laffalympics

Floor HockeyEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Engineer and Mario

Selected ToonTown Yanooie: Rocky and Dolan Duck

Selected Evil Force: Bob and IM Meen

Hot Potato VolleyballEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber:

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Chowder and Earthworm Jim

Selected Evil Force: Harry Slime and Buzz Buzzard

The Heart Trampoline ContestEdit

Selected Pesky Plumber: Spy

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Rocky J. Squirrel

Selected Evil Force: Ophelia Chill


Selected Pesky Plumber: Eddy

Selected ToonTown Yahooie: Panty

Selected Evil Force: Caractacus P. Doom

Cameo Appearences by Brief and Garterbelt

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